Joomla vs. WordPress; Which CMS platform is better for your business?

Trying to find the right Content Management System for your website is extremely important. Experts believe that choosing the wrong CMS can end up having negative consequences on your site and business. Thankfully, there are two top CMS platforms, and both can deliver. They are Joomla and WordPress Hosting services. The only difference is trying to figure out which one of the two is best suited for your needs.

Before anything, you should learn a few things about what separates the two from each other. WordPress started as a platform focused mainly on blogs. As time went by, WP grew and expanded to what it is today. On the other hand, Joomla was always a content management system. Ironically enough, it was created to be used by websites like many found utilizing the WordPress platform. Regardless of which one you choose, neither will work alone. Either of them requires a web server since that is where it has to be installed on.

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When it comes to the numbers, more than 34 percent of the websites found online today are powered by WP. That number jumps quite a bit when you consider its use for CMS. As of today, WordPress controls more than 61% of the market. However, this doesn’t mean that Joomla is a slouch. Not when you consider that they are the second most used CMS in the world. According to other statistics. Joomla’s numbers have been decreasing as far as usage is concerned. Even with all of that, they still have several advantages over WP.

Advantages of Using Joomla

Different Templates: WordPress only lets people use the theme they presently have installed. However, Joomla allows users to select from different templates, depending on the content.

Different Content Flexibility: Displaying content that is non-standard type is something many users will need at some point. Joomla has modules and components which are capable of letting you do just that.

Better Control & Management: When it comes to user controls and access, Joomla is far better. Their system is more advanced than that of WP.

Multilingual Capability: The WP platform can let users ad multilingual support via third-party plugins. But Joomla makes this possible without any add-ons since it is built into the system.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: By allowing website owners to insert both meta description and keywords into each article, Joomla wins the SEO comparison. WP does have the Yoast SEO plugin which is very popular and handy.

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Advantages of Using WordPress

Easy to Find Support: One of the best things about WordPress is that it is so popular. Because of that, it has a huge support community full of developers and other contributors.

Superior Blogging Capabilities: Joomla has a singular article feature. While it can be changed using categories, WP makes theirs better. Theirs let users choose between static pages and blog posts which is better for blogs.

Very Easy to Use: Most people tend to be afraid of creating their own website out of fear of technical and developing issues. However, WordPress wins over Joomla in that it is much easier to use. If you are a non-developer, this is crucial. 

Capable of Extending: No other platform has as many plugins as WP does. Based on that, it leaves the competition behind. It is the ability of WP to be extended via plugins that make it so powerful.


When it comes to the final decision of which two of these CMS to choose, the choice depends on your needs. Either Joomla or WordPress can be a powerful tool for your business.

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