If you are in need of a good marketing tool that will help you present your business or even a specific product or service that you are offering, then explainer videos are a great thing for you to use. One of the most famous type of explainers are the animated ones and since people really seem to be drawn to them, in this article we are going to talk a bit about the pros and cons of animated explainer videos, so keep on reading if you are interested.

One of the biggest benefits of animated explainers is the fact that they don’t require hiring any actors. This is a process that can definitely be very time consuming and difficult and it is also a process where you never know what kind of people you are going to come across. Since animated explainers are all about the animations, the difficult task of finding the perfect actors for the certain rolls that you need won’t be one that you will have to deal with.

The second things that is really great about animated explainer videos is something that we actually already mentioned above, and that is the fact that they are great for promoting products or services that are abstract. If a product or service is abstract, then that usually means that they are extremely difficult to explain to people and that is exactly where the video comes in. Using animated explainers you will be able to take those abstract ideas and explain them in a way that will be very easy to understand and that will not only work in the viewers’ favor, but also in the favor of the company.

However, one of the things about animated explainers that is undeniably a con is the fact that they tend to not be very personal. Depending on the topic of the video, you may find yourself in need of a video that is able to get people to connect to it on an emotional level, and sometimes animated explainers really aren’t the best when it comes to that. So, if you are looking to connect to the viewers, animation maybe isn’t the way to go.

When looking at animated explainer videos, going pass their super intriguing and inviting animations can be hard, but as you can see there are definitely negative sides to them as well. Make sure to look carefully at the pros and cons because that is the only way that you will be able to decide if these videos are the way to go for you or not.

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