Explainer videos are a great and versatile marketing tool that, frankly, every business should have, especially in this day and age where people have less time and pay less attention to written material than ever before. Live action explainers are something that people are using more and more these days and there is a lot more interest around them and there are definitely good reasons for that. To help you see why this kind of explainer are a great idea for your business, we have put together some of the great benefits that they offer, so make sure you keep on reading to find out what they are.

1. These explainers offer a human touch

If there is one thing that makes these videos stand out from every other kind of explainer out there, it is the fact that they have a way of adding that special human touch because there are actual live actors playing in them. Thanks to this, the viewers get to see the body language of the people in the video and that is something that they can read which means they will connect to the video even faster and on a much more emotional level, which is great for any business owner because it means the viewer is getting attached to the brand or product.

2. They are very instructive

Let’s say that your company is selling some really complex product that you think customers may have a problem figuring out to how to work. Using live action explainer videos to help people understand how they are supposed to use the product is what makes these videos so extremely instructive. They also feel a lot more authentic thanks to the people in the video and that makes the customer see him or herself when watching the actor use the product.

3. They are fairly quick to make

Depending on the complexity of the live action video that you want to create, the creation process can take somewhere between three and six weeks. And while this may seem like a long time, when you think about the fact that that time includes finding the actors and the perfect set, writing the script, filming the whole thing and then getting it together in an explainer form, that time frame can actually start looking really short really quickly. The one thing that you need to remember here is that the more complex the video, the more time it will take to make it, but that is something that business owners should plan out in advance.

As you can see from the points that we mentioned above, live action explainer videos definitely have a lot to offer. Make sure to explore the world of live action videos and we are pretty sure that you will see how your business can benefit from this kind of video as well.

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