The number of visitors that a Joomla website is able to handle is not the same for all websites. There are those that will crash if 10 visitors access the website at once. For others, they will be able to handle 50 visitors at once without crashing.

The difference is brought about by the hosting and the number of activated extensions. If your Joomla website is hosted on a crowded server, it will definitely crash if 10 visitors access your website at once.

To ensure that your Joomla website will remain strong even when more people are accessing it, host it on a dedicated server. It will also be necessary to have a person who will be in charge of activating the necessary extensions. He will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring the load on your website’s server
  • Tweaking the server when necessary to ensure that the speed is at its best
  • Ensuring that the caching is appropriately placed
  • Analyze the website’s bottlenecks and take appropriate actions to neutralize them.

If you are able to get someone to do the above or you can handle the tasks yourself, your Joomla website will handle as many as 10 000 visitors daily.

A Joomla website that will only handle hundreds of visitors requires a lot of improvement to make it better. You can seek professional help to make this happen from the people who are well versed with Joomla websites.

He will fix all problematic extensions, tweak the caching on your web page and check to ensure that you have the website on the right hosting. A Joomla website is a heavy CMS compared to others and will only work well on a dedicated server. You cannot expect a website that shares a host with a hundred other websites to perform as well as the independently-hosted website.

If you are having a problem with your Joomla website, seek help from the experts to make it perform better.

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